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BILLYBELT - Khaki Colour Organic Cotton T-shirt knitted - The Modern

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Dhs. 185.00
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  • 100% organic cotton T-shirt
  • Khaki coloured knitted cotton fabric 
  • Density of 190gr/m².
  • Double stitched finishes
  • Side slots
  • Brand patch with woven with the embroidered outline.

"The Modern - khaki" t-shirt is a compromise between at-shirt and a polo shirt. As complex as elegant, its fabric made from knitted organic cotton. It's a must-have t-shirt if you look like a refined and urban man. 

Its cut is straight fitting and well adjusting. Its density of 190 gr bring this model the perfect thickness. Because when you wear it, you feel at the same time the lightness and the density of the t-shirt fabric. 

About finishes, we have brought a lot of meticulous details to this t-shirt model: rounded neck of 2 centimetres, resistant and precise double stitching, and side slits. We have coloured to the cleanliness strip and the embroidered brand for more constrated style touch. 


"The Modern - khaki" t-shirt, GOTS certified, has made from organic cotton. Recognized worldwide, this label called GLOBAL ORGANIC TEXTILE STANDARD guarantees :

- The majority presence of controlled natural raw materials in the composition of our products,

- The implementation of environmentally friendly and human-friendly manufacturing processes, 

- Real traceability of our production batches.  

Organic cotton farming safeguards our planet's lands. It fights against toxic and harmful substances use. This responsible farming is essential for our world preservation and the health of all. That's why choosing our "Modern - khaki" t-shirt is to work for the save of agricultural soils, arable land and biodiversity.


Before washing your t-shirt in the washing machine, we advise you to turn it over to prevent the cotton from being damaged. Organic cotton is a delicate natural material, which is why we recommend that you wash it at a maximum temperature of 86°F. This technic will preserve its softness. As for drying, avoid tumble-drying, opt instead for drying on a drying rack. When ironing, choose a temperature lower than 392°F.

Machine wash at 30 ° maximum

Iron up to 200 ° maximum

Do not tumble dry

Do not dry clean


BILLYBELT - Khaki Colour Organic Cotton T-shirt knitted - The Modern

BILLYBELT - Khaki Colour Organic Cotton T-shirt knitted - The Modern

Dhs. 185.00